About Riveli


The Riveli product line began life as an elegant solution to a common problem of urban living. Recognizing the limits of his cramped downtown studio apartment, designer Mark Kinsley set out to create a stylish, high-quality, and versatile shelving system that would be functional while occupying as little space in his apartment as possible.

Mark traded design work for shop time and materials at a local machine shop, and hand machined all of the parts from solid aluminum. Originally made as a one-of-a-kind art piece for a furniture show in Chicago and again at ICFF Studio in New York; the overwhelmingly positive response from viewers of the piece convinced Mark that there was a demand for his unique shelving as a consumer product.

Mark went back to work refining his design so it would be easier to manufacture for consumer sales. Over the next year, he patented his design and began shopping it around. Mark’s high-end design was initially greeted with little interest from furniture manufacturers. Fortunately, Mark had a chance encounter with Way of Work furniture design entrepreneur Darren Buttle. Mark pitched his idea and Darren immediately recognized the potential of Mark’s design. A promising new partnership was forged.

Darren’s company Muzo is an international furniture brand with over 20 years of experience in the business furniture field. With Muzo’s ability to manufacture Riveli on a much larger scale as well as the resources and experience necessary to distribute and sell worldwide, the Riveli product line now enjoys a truly global manufacturing license and distribution partnership. Muzo, headquartered in Chicago, proudly displays Riveli in their spectacular loft-style showroom located at 414 North Orleans.

Mark remains completely involved with Riveli and his partnership with Muzo continues to reach new heights. Mark continues to produce new, innovative product designs for Muzo that are set to debut at Muzo showrooms around the world in 2016. Mark also spends time running his artisan design studio Lake + Wells.