Riveli Shelving


Riveli ShelF

With its thoughtful modularity, beautiful functionality, and limitless customization, Riveli Shelf is made to fulfill the visions of architects, interior designers, and homeowners.



The Luxe Series focuses on the beauty of the material with locally-crafted aluminum shelves finished in architectural grade anodized finishes.


The Art Series transforms art into shelving and back again with magnetic panels that can be customized and changed as often as you’d like.


Pivoting Shelves

The boundary between form and function blurs with Riveli as each shelf pivots independently to create any arrangement. Each shelf is completely manufactured and assembled in America by precision extrusion and machining processes.


Magnetic Artwork + Material Panels

High resolution artwork panels display custom prints of any photograph, illustration, graphic, color, or pattern. Core material surface options include chalkboard, whiteboard, or paintable artist canvas. All panels are interchangeable and reusable, allowing Riveli to evolve with and refresh any space.

Magnetic panels featuring:


Anodized Finishes

Each shelf is finished with architectural-grade anodizing in colors such as black, silver, gold, and copper. Custom finishes and optional laser etching is also available for certain projects.

Riveli Shelf is Patent Protected - U.S. Pat. No. 8,665,583