Riveli Frame (PXL Frame)


Riveli FRAME

Riveli Frame can be freely arranged on the wall to showcase custom artwork or material panels. And because they are magnetic, each panel can be changed as often as you like.  Each frame is completely manufactured and assembled in America by precision extrusion and machining processes and then finished with architectural-grade powder coating.


Magnetic Artwork + Material Panels

High resolution artwork panels display custom prints of any photograph, illustration, graphic, color, or pattern. Core material surface options include chalkboard, whiteboard, or paintable artist canvas. All panels are interchangeable and reusable, allowing Riveli to evolve with and refresh any space.

Magnetic panels featuring:


Powder coated Finishes

Each frame is finished with architectural-grade powder coating in colors such as black, silver, and white. Custom finishes are also available for certain projects.



Riveli Frame is available in two sizes: 9 Series (with an overall dimension of 9 inch x 9 inch), and 16 Series (with a larger dimension of 16 inch x 16 inch). Using any quantity or combination of these frames, limitless arrangements can be constructed.