So we just returned back from a 7 hour drive to see our midwest RIVELI manufacturing plant. We wanted to be there as the first ever production-run parts came off the line! After some nervous nail-biting, initial assembly, and final testing, we triumphantly deemed the parts "good to go!" and will begin shipping within the next couple weeks.

We made sure to design RIVELI as a product made fully using only one factory. This saves us money and saves the environment by not having to ship multiple parts back and forth between multiple factories. This also gives us full quality control knowing that only one team is responsible for the entire product.

It truly is amazing to watch a lump of metal enter on one side of the factory... and after a team of talented engineers and artisans work on it, exit as a beautiful shelving product on the other. The next step in this journey is to add some artwork and then see it up on your wall....